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Table 1 ME and SID lysine values of individual ingredients used in experiments 1 to 6

From: Effects of the standardized ileal digestible lysine to metabolizable energy ratio on performance and carcass characteristics of growing-finishing pigs

  Corn Soybean meal Wheat bran Soybean oil
Metabolizable energy1, Mcal/kg 3.39 3.59 2.18 8.40
Standardized ileal digestible lysine2, % 0.18 2.39 0.38 -
  1. 1The metabolizable energy content of corn, soybean meal and wheat bran were determined previously in our laboratory (data not published). Metabolizable energy of soybean oil (calculated as 96% of DE) was obtained from Feeding Standard of Swine [2].
  2. 2Standardized ileal digestible lysine was determined previously using pigs surgically equipped with a T-cannula in the distal ileum. The basal ileal endogenous losses were measured by feeding a nitrogen-free diet (data not published).