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Table 5 Annotation of the 29 SNPs that were significantly different in EBV of 3159 individuals

From: A significant quantitative trait locus on chromosome Z and its impact on egg production traits in seven maternal lines of meat-type chicken

GGAa rs Positionb Alleles P-value Candidate gene Distance, kbc
Z rs16130627 10,815,822 A/G 1.65E-05 SPEF2 Intron
Z rs313306756 10,839,079 G/A 1.65E-05 SPEF2 Exon1
Z rs313329474 10,861,996 A/G 1.90E-05 ENSGALG00000051958 Intron
Z rs317380922 10,885,055 C/G 1.90E-05 IL7R U 1.9
Z rs317597897 10,980,433 G/A 1.90E-05 SKP2 Exon2
Z rs315459520 10,985,955 G/A 1.90E-05 SKP2 Intron
Z rs315880474 11,018,303 G/A 3.60E-05 NADK2 Intron
Z rs317829338 11,039,011 C/A 3.92E-07 RANBP3L Intron
Z rs317316870 11,049,964 C/G 3.92E-07 RANBP3L Exon1
Z rs16130829 11,138,239 G/A 7.72E-07 SLC1A3 D 32.3
Z rs313925951 11,181,202 A/G 7.72E-07 SLC1A3 Intron
Z rs315242894 11,250,945 G/A 7.72E-07 SLC1A3 D 16.03
Z rs315141712 11,295,727 G/A 7.72E-07 SLC1A3 D 60.82
Z rs313907922 11,336,593 A/G 3.87E-06 ENSGALG00000003605 U 21.55
Z rs314230546 11,360,621 T/A 8.51E-07 ENSGALG00000003605 Intron
Z rs316797236 11,583,068 T/A 1.39E-06 WDR70 Intron
Z rs318193135 11,775,041 A/G 3.46E-07 GDNF D 32.13
Z rs14786300 11,823,333 A/G 3.46E-07 GDNF D 80.42
Z rs14786270 11,831,103 G/A 3.46E-07 GDNF D 88.19
Z rs14786427 11,995,193 A/G 6.28E-07 EGFLAM D 2.04
Z rs317925374 12,003,955 T/A 1.23E-06 LIFR D 3.48
Z rs14786514 12,081,685 G/A 1.98E-05 LIFR U 24.65
Z rs314845722 12,119,113 A/C 1.98E-05 ENSGALG00000048563 U 32.25
Z rs315599389 12,161,567 T/A 1.23E-05 ENSGALG00000048563 Intron
Z rs16131724 12,481,249 A/G 2.36E-07 DAB2 D 110.09
Z rs313214729 12,485,174 A/G 6.92E-06 DAB2 D 114.02
Z rs317751736 12,614,891 A/G 2.36E-07 ENSGALG00000048297 D 5.73
Z rs317744265 12,965,710 A/G 7.63E-07 C6 D 0.38
Z rs313761856 13,053,866 A/C 2.20E-05 PLCXD3 Intron
  1. aGallus gallus chromosome
  2. bGallus_gallus-6.0 source
  3. cU and D indicate that the SNP is upstream and downstream of a gene, respectively