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Table 3 Effects of the dietary treatments on pupae weight, larva-pupal phase duration and pupae score

From: Isoenergetic-practical and semi-purified diets for protein requirement determination in Hermetia illucens larvae: consequences on life history traits

Parameters Dietary treatments SEM P -value GA
CP10 CP14 CP16 CP19
Weight, g 0.188a 0.194a 0.172b 0.174b 0.004 0.000 0.154
L-P duration, d 21.11bc 21.80a 20.88c 21.57ab 0.104 0.000 16.43
Score 3.98 3.98 3.95 3.99 0.206 0.206 3.80
  1. Legend: L-P larva-pupal phase duration (n° of days), CP10 10% CP diet, CP14 14% CP diet, CP16 16% CP diet, CP19 19% CP diet, GA Gainesville diet.
  2. Means with different superscript letters (a, b, c) within the same row differ significantly (P < 0.05)