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Table 9 Linear regression between butyric acid (x, μmol/g) and serotonin in different tissues1

From: Microbial and metabolomic mechanisms mediating the effects of dietary inulin and cellulose supplementation on porcine oocyte and uterine development

Items b0 b1 R2 P-value
 Serum, ng/mL 24.705 67.739 0.624 < 0.001
 Follicular fluid, pg/mL −118.494 20.362 0.697 < 0.001
 Colon, ng/mg 1.266 0.181 0.281 0.008
  1. 1The linear regression model is y = b0 + b1 × x, where b0 denotes serum serotonin concentrations when the butyrate concentration in colonic content was 0 μmol/g, and b1 denotes the serotonin increment when the colonic butyrate content was increased to 1 μmol/g