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Table 3 Diarrhea score and frequency of diarrhea of ETEC-infected weaned pigs fed diets supplemented with oligosaccharide-based polymer (Coligo) or antibiotics

From: Supplementation of oligosaccharide-based polymer enhanced growth and disease resistance of weaned pigs by modulating intestinal integrity and systemic immunity

 Diarrhea score Diet P-value
Control LOW1 HIGH2 CAR3 SEM Diet Linear4
 d 0–55 2.88a 2.38b 2.62ab 1.78c 0.17 < 0.01 0.15
 d 5–116 2.60a 2.17a 2.01a 1.28b 0.31 < 0.01 0.06
 Pig days 120 109 120 105  
 Frequency of diarrhea7 27.50a 13.76b 14.17b 7.62b < 0.01
  1. a,b,cWithin a row, means without a common superscript differ (P < 0.05)
  2. 1LOW Low dose blood group A6 type 1-based polymer (Coligo)
  3. 2HIGH High dose blood group A6 type 1-based polymer (Coligo)
  4. 3CAR carbadox
  5. 4Linear effects of adding Coligo to the control diet
  6. 5Each least squares mean represents 12 observations
  7. 6Each least squares mean represents 6 observations
  8. 7Frequency = number of pen days with fecal score ≥ 4