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Table 1 Chemical composition of whole-plant corn forage before ensiling

From: Effect of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Bacillus subtilis on fermentation, dynamics of bacterial community and their functional shifts of whole-plant corn silage

Items Whole-plant corn
DM, g/kg FW 291
WSC, g/kg DM 273
Starch, g/kg DM 107
CP, g/kg DM 78.6
αNDF, g/kg DM 494
ADF, g/kg DM 266
  1. DM, dry matter; FW, fresh weight; WSC, water soluble carbohydrates; CP, crude protein; αNDF, neutral detergent fiber assayed with a heat stable amylase and expressed inclusive of residual ash; ADF, acid detergent fiber expressed inclusive of residual ash