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Table 1 Summary of LFIA strips for detecting mycotoxins

From: Recent advances in immunoassays and biosensors for mycotoxins detection in feedstuffs and foods

Target Principle Signal material Sample LOD Ref.
FB1/ZEN/OTA/AFB1 Competitive LFIA Au nanospheres, Au nanocacti, Au nanoflowers and hyperbranched Au plasmonic blackbodies Corn 3.27/0.70/0.10/0.06 ng/mL [47]
FB1/DON Competitive LFIA Flower-like gold nanoparticles Chinese traditional medicine 5.0/5.0 ng/mL [45]
FB1/DON Competitive LFIA Au nanospheres/Au nanoflowers Grain 20/5 ng/mL [44]
DON/AFB1 Competitive fluorescent LFIA α-Fe2O3 nanocubes Food 0.18/0.01 ng/mL [54]
CIT/ZEN Competitive fluorescent LFIA Europium nanoparticles Corn 0.06/0.11 ng/mL [64]
ZEN/DON Competitive fluorescent LFIA Near-infrared dyes Maize 0.55/3.8 μg/kg [65]
ZEN/OTA/FB1 Competitive fluorescent LFIA Quantum dot nanobeads Wheat 5/20/10 ng/mL [66]
ZEN/DON Competitive fluorescent LFIA Silanized quantum fots Maize and wheat 40 and 400 μg/kg (Cutoff value) [67]
AFB1/ZEN/DON/T-2/FB1 Competitive fluorescent LFIA Time-resolved fluorescence microspheres Cereals 0.42/0.10/0.05/0.75/0.04 μg/kg [57]
AFB1/ZEN Competitive fluorescent LFIA Time-resolved fluorescence microspheres Maize 0.05/0.07 ng/mL [52]
AFB1/ZEN/DON Competitive fluorescent LFIA Quantum dot microbeads Feedstuff 10/80/500 pg/mL [68]
DON/T-2/ZEN Competitive fluorescent LFIA Amorphous carbon nanoparticles Maize 20/13/1 μg/kg [69]
AFB1/FB1/OTA Competitive fluorescent LFIA Quantum dot nanobeads Cereals 1.65 pg/mL, 1.58/0.0059 ng/mL [70]
DON Competitive fluorescent LFIA Polydopamine coated zirconium metal-organic frameworks Meat 0.18 ng/mL [71]
AFB1 Fluorescence quenching LFIA (IFE) Flower-like gold nanoparticles/quantum dots Soybean sauce 0.004 μg/L [61]
FB1 Fluorescence quenching LFIA (IFE) Sliver nanoparticles/quantum dots Maize flour 62.5 μg/kg [42]
ZEN Fluorescence quenching LFIA (FRET) Sliver nanoparticles/carbon dots Cereals 0.1 μg/L [63]
SERS-based LFIA DTNB and MBA labelled Au@Ag coreshell nanoparticles Maize 0.96/6.2/0.26/0.11/15.7/8.6 pg/mL [60]