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Table 5 Effect of the dietary inclusion of BSF meal on somatic indexes, carcass yield and coefficient of fatness of rainbow trout (n = 28)

From: Dietary inclusion of a partially defatted black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larva meal in low fishmeal-based diets for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

  BSF0 BSF3 BSF6 BSF9 BSF12 BSF15 SEM P-value
HSI 1.20b 1.22b 1.37ab 1.37ab 1.39ab 1.47a 0.019 0.000
VSI 11.2ab 11.0b 11.6ab 12.1ab 12.3ab 12.6a 0.143 0.008
CY 87.9 87.7 87.7 87.0 86.8 89.1 0.341 0.448
CF 3.65 3.64 3.64 3.82 3.84 3.24 0.093 0.622
  1. Abbreviations: BSF Hermetia illucens, SEM standard error of the mean, HSI hepatosomatic index, VSI viscerosomatic index, CY carcass yield, CF coefficient of fatness. Different superscripts within a row indicate significant differences (P < 0.05)