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Table 1 Heritability (on diagonal), phenotypic (above diagonal) and genetic (below diagonal) correlations for FSS traits. Standard errors of estimates are in parentheses

From: Detrimental effects of excessive fatty acid secretion on female sperm storage in chickens

FE10.121 (0.036)0.8240.2030.170
FDD10.963 (0.040)0.112 (0.036)0.1390.128
FE20.654 (0.158)0.374 (0.190)0.248 (0.055)0.809
FDD20.577 (0.171)0.348 (0.191)0.978 (0.020)0.218 (0.053)
  1. a: FE1 and FDD1 represent individual fertility and fertility duration days during the first experimental period from 245 to 256 days of age (12 days), repectively. FE2 and FDD2 represent individual fertility fertility duration days during the second experimental period from 378 to 392 days of age (15 days), respectively