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Table 9 Haematological parameters of piglets

From: Effects of dietary hemp seed oil to sows on fatty acid profiles, nutritional and immune status of piglets

  Dietary treatment1 P-value
  H HS S Diet Day2 × Diet
Day of age 4 16 28 4 16 28 4 16 28   
 WBC, ×109/L 12.6c 8.27a 10.1b 12.5c 8.14a 9.95b 13.1c 8.70a 10.5b 0.60 0.39
 Neutrophils, % 51.7b 34.6a 36.1a 64.1b 37.0a 38.5a 54.3b 37.2a 38.7a 0.13 0.37
 Lymphocytes, % 42.4a 61.0c 58.2b 40.6a 59.3c 56.5b 39.7a 58.3c 55.5b 0.22 0.53
 NLR 0.18b 0.05a 0.07a 0.19b 0.07a 0.08a 0.20b 0.07a 0.09a 0.42 0.32
 Monocytes, % 5.28de 3.62ab 4.83cde 4.75cde 3.09a 4.30bcd 5.45e 3.79abc 5.00de 0.04 0.38
 Eosinophils, % 0.45a 0.60abc 0.67abc 0.45a 0.81bc 0.84c 0.62abc 0.55ab 0.68abc 0.002 0.001
 Erythrocytes, ×1012/L 3.91a 5.57bc 6.19d 3.83a 5.60bc 6.40d 3.91a 5.20b 6.05cd 0.01 0.03
 Haematocrit, % 24.8a 36.2c 33.3b 25.0a 36.3c 33.5b 23.9a 35.2c 32.3b 0.41 0.18
 Haemoglobin, mmol/L 70.8a 90.1cfg 93.9bde 72.6a 101eg 95.7bcdf 68.7a 97.0defg 91.8bc 0.28 0.06
 MCV, ×10−15 L 64.1bd 67.7ce 53.5a 64.0bcde 64.9bcde 53.1a 63.7bc 67.5de 52.5a 0.06 0.02
 MCH, pg/mL 18.4b 18.3b 15.1a 18.4b 18.3b 15.1a 18.4b 18.3b 15.1a 0.10 0.13
 MCHC, g/L 286b 274a 285b 289b 277a 287b 287b 274a 284b 0.28 0.19
 Reticulocytes, % 6.78c 5.89b 1.59a 7.38c 6.48b 2.18a 6.76c 5.85b 1.56a 0.12 0.22
 Thrombocytes, ×109/L 466a 542b 606c 492a 568b 633c 475a 552b 616c 0.44 0.52
  1. WBC total white blood cells, NLR – neutrophils to lymphocytes ratio, MCV the mean cell volume-the ratio of the haematocrit to the concentration of red blood cells, MCH the mean corpuscular haemoglobin-the ratio of the total mass of haemoglobin to the number of red blood cells, MCHC the mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration - identifies the amount of haemoglobin in a single red blood cell
  2. 1H = basal diet and hemp seed oil in ratio 95:5, HS = basal diet and mix of soybean and hemp seed oils (50:50) in ratio 95:5; S = basal diet and soybean oil in ratio 95:5; basal diet formulated according to Danish Nutrient Standards for Lactating Sows [24]
  3. 2Effect of day is significant for all ages
  4. a,b,c,d,e,f,gMean values within a row with unlike superscript letters are significantly different