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Table 5 Studies evaluating the effects of pure forms of dietary components on ileal endogenous amino acid losses in broiler chickens – select examples

From: Progress in ileal endogenous amino acid flow research in poultry

References Background Factors examined
Danicke et al. [36] 15N-isotope dilution Lipids
Angkanaporn et al. [55] Guanidinated casein Non-starch polysaccharide
Siriwan et al. [66] Guanidinated casein Fibre level
Cowieson and Ravindran [67] Enzyme-hydrolysed casein Phytic acid
Cowieson et al. [68] Enzyme-hydrolysed casein Phytic acid
Kluth and Rodehutscord [69] Regression method Cellulose
Morel et al. [70] Enzyme-hydrolysed casein β-Glucan
Onyango et al. [71] Glucose Phytic acid
Adedokun et al. [72] Casein -regression method Dietary electrolytes
Adedokun and Applegate [73] Protein-free diet Dietary electrolytes
Adedokun et al. [74] Protein-free diet Calcium level
Whitehouse et al. [75] Protein-free diet Lipids