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Table 5 Nutrient digestibility and energy values of the oat bran and wheat bran1

From: Oat bran and wheat bran impact net energy by shaping microbial communities and fermentation products in pigs fed diets with or without xylanase

Item2 Ingredient3 SEM P-value
Oat bran Wheat bran
+ +
 Gross energy 83.0a 81.5a 63.3c 71.8b 6.3 0.045
 Crude protein 83.1a 79.5ab 52.4c 77.5b 6.8 0.034
 Neutral detergent fiber 73.6a 65.3ab 47.0c 62.8b 7.8 0.020
 Acid detergent fiber 52.2a 43.8b 28.0c 52.8a 4.7 0.031
 Organic matter 83.7a 83.4a 58.0c 75.0b 5.0 0.044
Energy utilization, %
 ME/DE 97.7 97.2 98.4 96.3 3.6 0.405
 NE/ME 77.5 79.6 74.7 77.1 5.4 0.223
Energy values, MJ/kg DM
 DE 16.80a 16.50a 11.93b 13.53ab 0.72 0.122
 ME 16.41a 16.04a 11.75c 13.02b 0.80 0.033
 NE 12.72a 12.76a 8.77c 10.04b 0.95 0.046
  1. a,b,cValues with different characters in superscripts were different (P < 0.05) in the same row
  2. 1Treatment means are reported as least squares means and are based on 6 observations per treatment
  3. 2The apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of nutrient and energy values of oat bran and wheat bran were calculated using difference method in diets containing 36% oat bran or 27% wheat bran. DE Digestible energy; ME Metabolizable energy; NE Net energy; SEM Standard error of the mean
  4. 3The – and + symbol represents enzyme-free dietary treatment and enzyme addition dietary treatment, respectively