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Table 7 Summary of studies in periparturient dairy cows investigating the effects of supplemental phytoproducts on performances in the prepartum and early lactation

From: Role of nutraceuticals during the transition period of dairy cows: a review

Nutraceutical Treatment Period Main outcome Reference
EO mix (thymol, eugenol, vanillin, guiacol, limonene 1 g/cow/d From −21 d to 42 d relative to calving No effect [137]
2 g/cow/d 28 d DMI decrease. Small effects on digestion, ruminal fermentation, milk production and composition. Ruminal pH increase [138]
1.2 g/cow/d From −4 weeks before calving to 15 weeks after DMI decrease but milk yield was maintained [133]
Herbal choline 17 g/cow/d (0.071% of TMR) 1 year Improve milk yield and fertility in first lactation cows. Reduction of abortions and mastitis and respiratory problems. Hypocalcemia disorders increase [139]
Tea saponin 20, 30, 40 g/cow/d 8 weeks treatment Intermediate dose (20, 30 g/d) had no effect on feed intake. High dose (40 g/d) decreased DMI and milk yield) [140]
EO mix (menthol, eugenol, anethol) 1.2 g/cow/d 20 d Improved feed efficiency and calcium homeostasis at rumen level [141]
  1. EO essential oil, DMI dry matter intake