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Table 5 Mean value of the standard error of marker effects estimated by the BayesC π method using all genotyped animals

From: The superiority of multi-trait models with genotype-by-environment interactions in a limited number of environments for genomic prediction in pigs

Traitb Single-trait model Multi-trait model
Beijinga population Fujiana population Combined population
AGE 0.0062 0.0079 0.0093 0.0053
BFT 0.0050 0.0069 0.0096 0.0048
NBA 0.0039 0.0047 0.0050 0.0039
TNB 0.0042 0.0051 0.0054 0.0038
  1. a Yorkshire pig populations from Beijing and Fujian with similar genetic backgrounds
  2. b AGE: days to 100 kg; BFT: backfat thickness at 100 kg; NBA: number of piglets born alive; TNB: total number of piglets born