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Table 2 Feed intake, milk production, and milk composition of cows fed the control diet or the control diet supplemented with green tea extract (GTE) in average over weeks 2 to 7 of lactation1

From: Effects of supplementation of green tea extract on the milk performance of peripartal dairy cows and the expression of stress response genes in the liver

 Week 2 to week 7 P-value
VariableControlGTESEMGTEWeekGTE × weekParity
DMI, kg/d20.219.80.650.67<  0.0010.060.45
Net energy intake, MJ/d1411384.50.67<  0.0010.060.45
Energy balance, MJ NEL/d- 45.1-<  0.0010.720.44
Milk yield, kg/d46.143.91.500.17<  0.0010.210.70
ECM2, kg/d46.6a40.7b1.680.0020.080.910.53
Feed efficiency, kg ECM/kg DMI2.36a2.11b0.120.010<  0.0010.090.47
Fat, %4.29a3.68b0.18<  0.001<  0.0010.0030.89
Protein, %<  0.0010.020.54
Lactose, %4.83a4.75b0.030.0260.0150.340.44
Fat, kg/d1.96a1.58b0.10<  0.0010.070.130.74
Protein, kg/d1.401.340.050.160.360.0310.33
  1. 1Values are least square means, n = 15 for each group
  2. 2ECM, energy corrected milk, adjusted to 4% fat and 3.4% protein
  3. a,b Means with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05)
  4. DMI, dry matter intake; SEM, standard error of means