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Table 1 Composition of diets fed to broilers at starter and grower period, %

From: Dried fruit pomace inclusion in poultry diet: growth performance, intestinal morphology and physiology

 Starter diets (days 1–14)Grower diets (days 15–35)
Soybean meal29.629.630.531.329.529.429.529.324.524.525.326.124.424.324.324.1
Apple pomace3.
Blackcurrant pomace3.
Strawberry pomace3.
Soybean oil2.832.834.025.223.584.333.624,424.474.525.676.865.235.985.276.07
Sodium bicarbonate0.
Fodder salt0.
Mon-Ca phosphate0.871.191.601.641.601.641.601.640.530.531.
DL-Methionine 990.370.370.380.390.390.410.390.410.340.340.350.360.360.380.360.38
L- Lysine 990.330.330.330.320.350.380.360.380.350.350.340.330.370.390.370.39
Vit-min premixa0.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.500.50
  1. CL Control diet with 3% of cellulose; CH control diet with 6% of cellulose; AL 3% inclusion level of apple pomace; AH 6% inclusion level of apple pomace; BL 3% inclusion level of blackcurrant pomace; BH 6% inclusion level of blackcurrant pomace; SL 3% inclusion level of strawberry pomace; SH 6% inclusion level of strawberry pomace
  2. aContents per kg feed: vitamin A, 12,500 IU; vitamin D3, 3,500 IU; vitamin E, 50 mg; vitamin K3, 3 mg; vitamin B1, 3 mg; vitamin B2, 8 mg; vitamin B6, 5 mg; vitamin B12, 0.025 mg; biotin, 0.25 mg; calcium pantothenate, 12 mg; nicotinic acid, 50 mg; folic acid, 2 mg; choline chloride, 400 mg; Fe, 50 mg; Mn, 100 mg; Zn, 100 mg; Cu, 12 mg; I, 1 mg; Se, 0.3 mg