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Table 2 Descriptive analysis of animal performance, gas exchange measurements and computed heat production (n = 168)

From: The use of milk Fourier transform mid-infrared spectra and milk yield to estimate heat production as a measure of efficiency of dairy cows

Animal performance
 BW, kg50091569268080
 mBWa, kg0.75105.7166.4134.8133.311.7
 Lactation number1.0102.93.01.6
 Days in milk, d42.0423.0213.5259.092.8
 DMI, kg/d4.627.917.717.83.4
 Milk yield, L/d5.251.425.724.010.3
Gas exchange measurements
 O2, L4686923867866740720
 CO2, L4615931370727099908
 CH4, L29979257057981
 Heat production, kJ/kg BW0.75712146910671068136
  1. aMetabolic bodyweight (mBW = BW075)