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Table 1 Ingredients, nutrient composition and energy content of the diets fed to the animals during the respiration chamber experiments

From: The use of milk Fourier transform mid-infrared spectra and milk yield to estimate heat production as a measure of efficiency of dairy cows

Ingredients, g/kg of DM
 Grass silage50091569268081
 Corn silage238.0452.5360.0375.093.3
 Barley straw4242321425993
Nutrient composition
 DM, g/kg353941529388235
 NDFa, g/kg of DM27549737737751
 ADFb, g/kg of DM14625419719723
 Crude protein, g/kg of DM12217115215513
 Crude fat, g/kg of DM243330302
 Ash, g/kg of DM38135716919
 MEc, MJ/kg of DM8.511.610.310.50.7
  1. aNeutral detergent fiber
  2. bAcid detergent fiber
  3. cMetabolizable energy