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Table 2 Common indicators of oil quality for thermally processed soybean oils fed to broilers and pigs

From: Identification of C9-C11 unsaturated aldehydes as prediction markers of growth and feed intake for non-ruminant animals fed oxidized soybean oil

Soybean oilM, %I, %U, %FFA, %OFA, %PV, mEq/kgTBARS, μmol/LAnV
22.5 °C-0 h0.020.020.420.10.960.479.831.2
45 °C-336 h0.020.020.390.10.7617.4285.486.1
67.5 °C-168 h0.060.040.630.24.2192.81014.3233.1
90 °C-84 h0.100.040.490.41.5245.0665.00172
135 °C-42 h0.100.060.320.58.619.3493.84441
180 °C-21 h0.020.040.690.37.29.6419.24416
225 °C-10.5 h0.020.040.570.33.83.0311.47233
  1. M moisture, I insoluble impurities, U unsaponifiable matter, FFA free fatty acids, OFA oxidized fatty acids, PV peroxide value, TBARS thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (malondialdehyde equivalance), AnV p-anisidine value (no unit)