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Table 8 Effect of dietary fiber levels on fecal short-chain fatty acids concentrations of gestating sows

From: Inclusion of purified dietary fiber during gestation improved the reproductive performance of sows

Item Gestation stageDietsSEMP-value  
Day 30Day 60Day 90Day 110CONDF1DF2DF3DF4DF5 StageDietsS × DLinearQuadratic
Acetate, μmol/g59.4b57.9b74.9a67.7ab65.565.956.064.663.574.05.1<
Propionate, μmol/g20.5b20.6b27.9a26.4a24.827.121.122.724.222.92.4<
Butyrate, μmol/g10.3b9.8b13.9a13.3a10.9b12.3ab9.2b10.7b12.2ab15.3a1.1< 0.01< 0.010.13< 0.010.52
Total SCFAs, μmol/g90.2bc88.3c116.7a107.4ab101.2105.386.398.099.9112.38.3<
  1. Data are expressed as mean ± largest SEM. Sows were regarded as the experimental units, n = 6 for each treatment. a, b, c denote P < 0.05. CON, basal corn-soybean diet; DF1, wheat bran-rich diet; DF2, DF3, DF4 and DF5 were wheat bran diet supplemented with 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% of FIBER MIX at the expense of wheat bran