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Table 5 Effects of dietary fiber levels during gestation on growth performance of suckling piglets

From: Inclusion of purified dietary fiber during gestation improved the reproductive performance of sows

Number of sows273030303030 
Litter size
 After cross-foster12.212.712.511.912.
 At weaning11.211.411.611.
Mean BW of piglet, kg
 After cross-foster1.721.641.691.711.701.760.080.610.620.11
 At weaning6.095.986.206.316.316.
Litter weight, kg
 After cross-foster20.820.821.120.220.320.60.240.910.340.51
 At weaning67.868.071.570.
 Daily BW gain of piglets, g/d233.5228.4237.1242.3242.6229.92.350.310.0710.33
 Mean litter weight gain, kg49.9749.2151.6850.5450.5448.450.
 BF thickness at weaning, mm14.814.514.114.614.815.30.770.220.0320.96
 BF loss during lactation, mm2.
 ADFI, kg4.74b5.07ab5.24a5.33a5.00ab5.20a0.060.0420.0110.48
WEI, d4.
  1. Data are expressed as mean ± largest SEM. a, b denote P < 0.05. CON, basal corn-soybean diet; DF1, wheat bran-rich diet; DF2, DF3, DF4 and DF5 were wheat bran diet supplemented with 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% of FIBER MIX at the expense of wheat bran. ADFI average daily feed intake, WEI weaning to estrus interval