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Table 4 Sow performance correlated by Pearson’s correlation to different fiber components in gestation diets

From: Inclusion of purified dietary fiber during gestation improved the reproductive performance of sows

Number of total born0.213**0.195**0.201**0.217**0.177*
Number of born alive0.236**0.175*0.184*0.225**0.204**
Mean BW of piglet at birth, kg−0.042−0.041−0.043−0.043− 0.006
Mean litter weight at birth, kg−0.014− 0.023−0.023− 0.018−0.023
Stillborn rate, %0.0460.0450.0460.0490.044
Intralitter CV, %−0.033−0.029− 0.031−0.032− 0.030
  1. * denotes P < 0.05 and ** denotes P < 0.01