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Table 2 Ingredients and nutrient compositions of lactation diets (as-fed basis)

From: Inclusion of purified dietary fiber during gestation improved the reproductive performance of sows

Soybean meal25.00
Soybean oil2.00
Fish meal3.00
L-lysine (78%)0.11
L-threonine (98.5%)0.05
Choline chloride (50%)0.15
Calculated nutrient content 
DE, Mcal/kg3.38
Crude protein, %18.0
Calcium, %0.80
Phosphorus, %0.65
Total lysine, %1.05
Total methionine, %0.30
Total threonine, %0.75
  1. aProvided per kg of diet: Fe, 120 mg as ferrous sulfate; Cu, 20 mg as copper sulfate; Mn, 60 mg as manganese sulfate; Se, 0.3 mg as sodium selenite; Zn, 60 mg as zinc sulfate; I, 1 mg as KI potassium iodide; 7000 IU of vitamin A, 2000 IU of vitamin D3, 200 IU of vitamin E, 5 mg of vitamin K, 4 mg of thiamine, 10 mg of riboflavin, 5 mg of pyridoxine, 30 μg of vitamin B12, 50 mg of niacin, 30 mg pantothenic acid, 5 mg of folic acid and 0.22 mg of biotin