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Table 1 Ingredients and nutrient compositions of gestation diets (as-fed basis)

From: Inclusion of purified dietary fiber during gestation improved the reproductive performance of sows

Ingredient, %
 Soybean meal171414141414
 Wheat bran1816.414.813.211.6
 Fish meal0.
 Soybean oil0.
Calculated nutrient composition
 DE, Mcal/kg3.
 Crude protein, %13.513.913.813.813.713.7
 Total lysine, %0.640.640.640.650.650.65
 Total threonine, %0.510.510.510.510.510.51
 Total methionine, %
 Total tryptophan, %
 SID lysine, %0.550.530.540.540.550.56
 SID methionine, %
 SID threonine, %0.430.410.420.420.420.42
 SID tryptophan, %
 Calcium, %0.780.780.790.80.810.82
 Phosphorus, %0.520.630.620.610.610.56
 DF, %12.517.417.718.118.418.8
 CF, %
 NDF, %11.015.415.715.916.116.3
 SF, %1.572.
 ISF, %10.9115.3315.5615.7916.0116.24
  1. a FIBER MIX consisted of guar gum and cellulose at the ratio of 1:4, obtained from Guangxi Shangda Tech Co. LTD, Nanning, China
  2. bProvided per kg of diet: Fe, 100 mg as ferrous sulfate; Cu, 6.6 mg as copper sulfate; Mn, 30 mg as manganese sulfate; Se, 0.15 mg as sodium selenite; Zn, 100 mg as zinc sulfate; I, 0.6 mg as KI potassium iodide; 6608 IU of vitamin A, 1652 IU of vitamin D3, 27.5 IU of vitamin E, 4.4 mg of vitamin K, 1.66 mg of thiamine, 6.6 mg of riboflavin, 40 mg of niacin, 25 mg of pantothenic acid, 33 μg of vitamin B12, 0.8 mg of pyridoxine, 1.5 mg of folic acid, 0.22 mg of biotin and 583 mg of choline. SF and ISF were analyzed value according to AOAC 991.43 with minor modification. DF = SF + ISF
  3. cCON, basal corn-soybean diet; DF1, wheat bran-rich diet; DF2, DF3, DF4 and DF5 were wheat bran diet supplemented with 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% of FIBER MIX at the expense of wheat bran