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Table 6 Effects of dietary Flammulina velutipes stem waste inclusion on growth performance of growing-finishing pigs (Exp. 3)

From: Determination of the available energy values and amino acid digestibility of Flammulina velutipes stem waste and its effects on carcass trait and meat quality fed to growing-finishing pigs

ItemControl2.5% FVS5% FVSSEMP-value
BW d 0, kg63.964.
Body weight 50 to 75 kg
 ADG, g987.5a930.2a834.9b27.30.009
 ADFI, g2479.6a2347.9a2113.5b51.70.002
Body weight 75 to 100 kg
 ADG, g954.0873.2895.323.70.089
 ADFI, g2990.7a2792.8b2724.4b53.50.014
Body weight 100 to 135 kg
 ADG, g823.5885.4864.633.50.322
 ADFI, g2914.42918.72827.785.00.134
Overall growing-finishing phase
 ADG, g909.2893.6866.417.90.259
 ADFI, g2821.3a2724.7ab2602.2b55.10.025
  1. a-cLeast squares means within different superscripts differ (P<0.05)
  2. ADFI Average daily feed intake, ADG Average daily gain, BW Body weight, FVS Flammulina velutipes stem waste, G/F Gain to feed ratio, SEM Standard error of the mean