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Table 3 Ingredients and calculated nutrient levels of the experimental diets used in Exp. 3 (%, as-fed basis)a

From: Determination of the available energy values and amino acid digestibility of Flammulina velutipes stem waste and its effects on carcass trait and meat quality fed to growing-finishing pigs

ItemGrowing phase: 50 to 75 kgGrowing-finishing phase: 75 to 100 kgFinishing phase: 100 to 135 kg
Control2.5% FVS5% FVSControl2.5% FVS5% FVSControl2.5% FVS5% FVS
 Soybean meal18.0018.0018.0018.0018.0018.0018.0018.0018.00
 Soybean oil0.581.742.860.241.402.601.142.30
 Dicalcium phosphate1.
 Sodium chloride0.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.35
 Chromic oxide0.300.300.300.300.300.300.300.300.30
 Vitamin mineral premixb0.
Analyzed nutrient levels
 Dry matter87.0486.8987.4186.6886.8887.1686.6886.8086.87
 Crude protein13.7014.0813.8913.4013.4911.1811.9213.2813.85
 Gross energy, MJ/kg16.0316.2916.5615.9016.2016.4515.8716.1316.37
 Ether extract2.083.634.292.554.
 Neutral detergent fiber10.9911.1713.5511.4710.2611.8610.4212.3313.17
 Acid detergent fiber3.644.275.413.854.055.083.654.404.69
Calculated nutrient levelsc
 ME, MJ/kg14.0514.0414.0314.0514.0414.0314.0714.0514.05
 SID Lys0.850.850.850.730.730.730.610.610.61
 SID Met0.
 SID Thr0.520.520.520.460.460.460.430.430.43
 SID Trp0.
 SID Lys/ME0.
 SID Lys/SID Met3.553.483.523.323.363.292.752.812.72
 SID Lys/SID Thr1.631.621.631.581.591.581.401.421.43
 SID Lys/SID Trp5.555.575.555.485.455.484.544.574.55
  1. aCP Crude protein, FVS Flammulina velutipes stem waste, Lys Lysine, ME Metabolizable energy, Met Methionine, SID Standardized ileal digestible, Thr Threonine, Trp Tryptophan
  2. bVitamin mineral premix provided the following quantities per kg of diet: vitamin A, 6000 IU; vitamin D3, 2400 IU; vitamin E, 20 IU; vitamin K3, 2 mg; vitamin B1, 0.96 mg, vitamin B2, 4 mg, vitamin B6, 2 mg, vitamin B12, 12 μg; pantothenic acid, 11.2 mg; niacin, 22 mg; choline chloride, 80 mg; folacin, 0.4 mg; biotin, 40 μg; Mn, 12 mg (MnO); Fe, 76 mg (FeSO4·H2O); Zn, 76 mg (ZnO); Cu, 120 mg (CuSO4·5H2O); I, 0.24 mg (KI); Se, 0.40 mg (Na2SeO3)
  3. cThese values were calculated from data provided in Exp. 1 and 2