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Table 12 Effects of dietary Flammulina velutipes stem waste inclusion on fatty acids profile in the longissimus dorsi muscle of finishing pigs (mg/g, of fresh tissue) (Exp. 3)

From: Determination of the available energy values and amino acid digestibility of Flammulina velutipes stem waste and its effects on carcass trait and meat quality fed to growing-finishing pigs

Saturated fatty acid
 Caproic acid (C6: 0)
 Capric acid (C10: 0)
 Lauric acid (C12: 0)
 Myristic acid (C14: 0)1.341.
 Pentadecanoic acid (C15: 0)
 Palmitic acid (C16: 0)23.8921.4420.003.970.788
 Heptadecanoic acid (C17: 0)0.350.
 Stearic acid (C18: 0)12.4112.2810.722.340.853
 Icosanoic acid (C20: 0)
 Heneicosanoic acid (C21: 0)0.330.290.370.040.345
 Docosanoic acid (C22:0)
 Tetracosanoic acid acid (C24: 0)
Monounsaturated fatty acid
 Myristoleic acid (C14: 1)
 Palmitoleic acid (C16: 1)3.382.682.420.450.364
 Oleic acid (C18: 1n-9c)39.8432.6633.366.170.680
 Eicosenoic acid (C20: 1)0.760.550.550.150.525
 Nervonic acid (C24: 1)
Polyunsaturated fatty acid
 Linoleic acid (C18: 2n-6c)7.167.399.640.810.132
 Alpha-linolenic acid (C18: 3n-3)0.22b0.29b0.45a0.040.025
 Dihomo-γ-linolenic (C20: 3n-6)
 Arachidonic acid (C20: 4n-6)1.491.321.590.100.273
 Eicosatrienoic acid (C20: 3n-3)
 Eicosapentanoic acid (C20: 5n-3)
 Erucic acid (C22: 1n-9)
 Docosadienoic acid (C22: 2)
 Docosahexaenoic acid (C22: 6n-3)
∑ SFA39.0936.1333.026.630.816
∑ MUFA44.0935.9636.426.760.654
∑ PUFA9.369.4512.170.880.108
∑ n-6 PUFA8.878.8911.440.830.114
∑ n-3 PUFA0.41b0.49b0.67a0.050.021
  1. a-b Least squares means within a row with different superscripts differ (P<0.05)
  2. Values are means with pooled SEM, n = 4. FVS Flammulina velutipes stem waste, MUFA Monounsaturated fatty acid, PUFA Polyunsaturated fatty acid, SEM Standard error of the mean, SFA Saturated fatty acid