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Table 10 Effects of dietary Flammulina velutipes stem waste inclusion on carcass characteristics and meat quality of finishing pigs (Exp. 3)

From: Determination of the available energy values and amino acid digestibility of Flammulina velutipes stem waste and its effects on carcass trait and meat quality fed to growing-finishing pigs

ItemControl2.5% FVS5% FVSSEMP-value
Carcass traits
 Hot carcass weight, kg95.3892.4589.431.550.081
 Dressing percentage, %73.0271.6071.860.380.060
 Carcass straight length, cm105.00102.50103.880.910.205
 Carcass oblique length, cm92.8890.3890.631.040.229
 Backfat thickness, mm15.75a16.50ab12.75b0.860.030
 Loin-eye area, cm235.1836.9735.773.670.946
Meat quality
 L* (lightness)55.8655.0256.881.160.550
 a* (redness)19.5818.7518.420.520.318
 b* (yellowness)
 Shear force, kg32.2523.5527.422.530.143
 Drip loss, %3.813.195.360.880.252
 Cooking loss, %25.4324.2724.670.990.714
 Marbing score (1–10 scale)1.751.501.250.240.367
 Intramuscular fat, %2.922.812.400.410.656
  1. a-bLeast squares means within a row with different superscripts differ (P<0.05)
  2. Values are means with pooled SEM, n = 4. FVS Flammulina velutipes stem waste, pH45min pH at 45 min after postmortem, pH24h pH at 24 h after postmortem, SEM Standard error of the mean