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Table 2 Growth performance of broiler chickens

From: Effect of dietary supplementation with yeast cell wall extracts on performance and gut response in broiler chickens

 Dietary treatmentP-valueRMSEa
Control (C)Yeast (Y)
Broilers, n226229  
Live weight, g
 1 d45.946.50.113.40
 14 d4224110.0854.1
 28 d149414510.03134
 44 d295929680.83230
Period 1 (1–14 d)
 Daily weight gain, g/d28.928.00.064.11
 Feed intakeb, g/d34.
 Feed conversion indexb1.
Period 2 (14–28 d)
 Daily weight gain g/d76.674.30.046.78
 Feed intakeb, g/d109105< 0.013.00
 Feed conversion indexb1.431.420.400.02
Period 3 (28–44 d)
 Daily weight gain, g/d91.694.80.0610.5
 Feed intakeb, g/d1831800.347.34
 Feed conversion indexb2.001.90< 0.0010.05
Whole trial (1–44 d)
 Daily weight gain, g/d66.266.40.845.22
 Feed intakeb, g/d1141110.093.43
 Feed conversion indexb1.741.700.010.03
  1. aRMSE, root mean square error
  2. bPen-based data