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Table 4 Effect of BLJ on growth performance of broiler chickens challenged with NE

From: Dietary encapsulated essential oils and organic acids mixture improves gut health in broiler chickens challenged with necrotic enteritis

ItemsExperimental designSEM5 Main effectP-value6
A1D 2B3G4 0500Non-challengeChallengedTreatmentChallengedT×C
d 1 to 21
 BWG, g/bird87065585764721.40763752864a651b0.449< 0.010.843
 AFI, g/bird124910471246105720.14114811511248a1052b0.842< 0.010.676
 FCR, g/g1.441.601.451.640.021.521.551.44b1.62a0.085< 0.010.533
d 22–42
 BWG, g/bird190418911883191929.5918981901189419050.9550.8440.681
 AFI, g/bird3095a3114a2684b3083a39.4031042883289030980.0100.0150.025
 FCR, g/g1.63a1.65a1.43b1.60a0.011.641.511.531.62< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01
d 1 to 42
 BWG, g/bird277425462740256634.08266026532757a2556b0.9180.0080.696
 AFI, g/bird434441613931414055.894252a4035b413741510.0330.8900.050
 FCR, g/g1.54b1.63a1.44c1.62a0.011.591.531.501.63< 0.01< 0.01< 0.01
  1. a, b Means within the same row without a common superscript differ significantly (P < 0.05)
  2. 1A neither BLJ treatment nor NE infection
  3. 2D NE infection but without BLJ treatment
  4. 3B BLJ treatment at 500 mg/kg of feed but without NE infection
  5. 4G both BLJ treatment and NE infection
  6. 5SEM standard error of the mean
  7. 6P-values represent the main effect of the diet, the main effect of the NE challenge, and the interaction between the dietary treatments and NE challenge; BWG: body weight gain, g/bird; AFI: average feed intake, g/bird; FCR: feed conversion ratio, g of feed intake/g of BW gain, g/g; T×C: treatment and challenged