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Table 8 Heat production and respiratory quotient of portal drained viscera and liver in sows during late gestation and in early and peak lactation

From: Net absorption and liver metabolism of amino acids and heat production of portal-drained viscera and liver in multiparous sows during transition and lactation

HE1, MJ/d
 PDV16.20b6.02b5.58b9.77a0.25< 0.001
 Liver7.21b6.66b6.54b11.91a0.83< 0.001
Total HE31.55b31.75b39.77a41.52a0.80< 0.001
 PDV, %18.10b17.54b10.63c29.13a2.29< 0.001
 Liver, %16.8222.5016.2432.985.040.104
  1. a–cWithin a row and within a main effect (DIM), means with different letters differ
  2. 1DIM days in milk; HE heat production; PDV portal drained viscera; RQ respiratory quotient