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Table 2 Sow performance, feed intake, and digestibility of sows during late gestation and in early and peak lactation

From: Net absorption and liver metabolism of amino acids and heat production of portal-drained viscera and liver in multiparous sows during transition and lactation

Feed intake, kg/d3.32b3.34b2.66c6.51a0.12< 0.001
Sow BW1, kg262a271a244b234b52< 0.001
Digestibility, g/100 g
 DM183.3b83.3b86.2a79.8c0.7< 0.001
 GE182.5b82.8b86.1a79.1c0.8< 0.001
 Nitrogen83.4b84.2b89.0a80.3c0.8< 0.001
 Fat61.8a63.7a66.4a53.2b1.8< 0.001
 Crude Fiber68.7ab66.4bc74.8a61.4c2.20.003
  1. a–cWithin a row and within a main effect (DIM), means with different letters differ
  2. 1DIM days in milk; BW body weight; DM dry matter; GE gross energy