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Table 1 Dietary ingredients and chemical composition of the diet

From: Net absorption and liver metabolism of amino acids and heat production of portal-drained viscera and liver in multiparous sows during transition and lactation

Ingredients, (as fed)g/kg
 Soybean meal, toasted18.09
 Animal fat3.00
 Monocalcium phosphate1.19
 Calcium carbonate1.55
 Sodium chloride0.36
 Vitamin-mineral premix0.20
 Cromium oxide2.27
Chemical composition1g/kg DM
 DM, % (as fed)91.18
 Crude protein193.64
 Crude fat55.44
 Lysine9.25 (7.87)
 Methionine2.88 (2.54)
 Threonine6.84 (5.64)
 Tryptophan2.35 (2.00)
 Isoleucine8.49 (7.28)
 Leucine14.39 (12.38)
 Valine9.95 (8.25)
 Histidine4.81 (4.16)
 Phenylalanine10.06 (8.73)
 Alanine8.13 (6.30)
 Aspartate16.45 (13.70)
 Cysteine3.59 (2.94)
 Glutamate44.11 (39.57)
 Glycine8.31 (6.57)
 Proline15.43 (11.96)
 Serine9.72 (8.23)
 Tyrosine5.58 (4.73)
 Arginine12.14 (10.90)
  1. Composed to fulfill the recommendations for lactating sows by the Danish Pig Research Center (VSP, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  2. 1In parentheses: standardized ileal digestible (SID) content of individual AA (g/kg DM). The contents of SID Lys, Met, Thr, Ile, Leu, Val, His, Phe, and Cys were calculated based on feed ingredient compositions by DPRC (2013), and the SID contents of Trp, Ala, Asp, Glu, Gly, Pro, Ser, Tyr and Arg were calculated from feed ingredient compositions by NRC (2012)