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Table 2 Analyzed and calculated concentration of nitrogen, total and free amino acids in control (CON), optimal (OPT) and optimal + leucine (OPTLEU) diets1 (g/kg, as-fed basis)

From: Reduced protein diet with near ideal amino acid profile improves energy efficiency and mitigate heat production associated with lactation in sows

 Dry matter887.6889.5891.5
 Methionine + cysteine5.
 Phenylalanine + tyrosine16.015.911.912.012.312.0
Free amino acids
 Methionine + cysteine0.
 Phenylalanine + tyrosine0.
  1. 1Analyzed values represents average across 3 blocks (feed mixes)
  2. 2Calculated values for the total amino acids are based on the amino acids concentration in feed ingredients according to NRC [13], and calculated values for the free amino acids correspond to the dietary inclusion rate in crystalline form
  3. 3Addition of DL-Methionine was omitted in one of the 3 blocks, thus reducing the overall free methionine concentration across all 3 blocks. The average free methionine concentration between blocks 1 and 3 was 0.11 and was zero in block 2. Therefore, across blocks 1, 2 and 3, average free Met was 0.07
  4. 4Analysis of free tryptophan was not performed