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Fig. 3

From: FTY720, a sphingosine analog, altered placentome histoarchitecture in ewes

Fig. 3

Caruncular and cotyledonary vasculature in placentomes from control and FTY720 treated ewes. a) Immunofluorescence staining (green) for vimentin and cytokeratin to detect connective tissue and syncytial epithelium within the caruncles and cotyledons of placentomes from control and FTY treated ewes. b) (Top Panels) Individual and co-localized (Co-local) fluorescence images detecting DAPI (blue), αSMA (red), and VE Cad (green) within the placentome of an FTY720 treated ewe; width of fields is 370 μm. Mouse immunoglobulin control, mIgG; rabbit immunoglobulin control, rIgG. (Bottom Panels) Co-localization of VE Cad (green) and αSMA (red) to blood vessels within the caruncles and cotyledons of control and FTY720 treated ewes; width of fields is 870 μm

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