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Table 1 Ingredients and nutrient composition of diets fed to during prepartum and early lactation

From: Prepartum dietary energy intake alters adipose tissue transcriptome profiles during the periparturient period in Holstein dairy cows

Ingredient, % of DM
 Corn silage35.535.830.5
 Alfalfa silage 13.318.6
 Alfalfa hay17.29.52.0
 Wheat straw, chopped31.8  
 Cottonseed 5.19.5
 Corn grain, ground3.617.920.7
 Soybean meal, 48% CP5.16.66.0
 Soybean meal, expeller4.1 4.0
 Soy hulls 10.43.0
 Wheat middlings  3.0
 Vitamin and mineral mixb0.30.30.3
 Dicalcium phosphate0.10.10.1
 Sodium bicarbonate  0.9
 Limestone0.8 1.0
 Magnesium oxide  0.1
 Magnesium sulfate0.30.20.1
 Vitamin Ac0.10.10.1
 Vitamin Dd0.10.10.1
 Vitamin Ee0.20.10.1
Nutrient contentf
 % DM54.153.253.3
 CP, % of DM14.215.017.1
 ADF, % of DM24.726.523.0
 NDF, % of DM51.938.635.4
 NEL, Mcal/kg of DM1.211.631.69
  1. aDiets were fed to cows from −42 d relative to expected parturition to parturition
  2. bContained a minimum of 5.0% Mg, 10.0% S, 7.5% K, 2.0% Fe, 3.0% Zn, 3.0% Mn, 5,000 mg/kg Cu, 250 mg/kg I, 40 mg/kg Co, 150 mg/kg Se, 2,200,000 IU/kg of vitamin A, 660,000 IU/kg of vitamin D3, and 22,000 IU/kg of vitamin E
  3. cContained 30,000 kIU/kg
  4. dContained 5,009 kIU/kg
  5. eContained 44,000 IU/kg
  6. fNutrient composition based on 4-week feed ingredient composites