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Fig. 2

From: Prepartum dietary energy intake alters adipose tissue transcriptome profiles during the periparturient period in Holstein dairy cows

Fig. 2

Metabolic adaptations of adipose tissue from end of pregnancy through early lactation (1 and 14 d) in dairy cows fed a control diet (CTR) or a higher-energy diet prepartum (OVR). Shown are outputs (i.e., direction of the impact and impact) of selected KEGG pathways from bioinformatics analysis using the Dynamic Impact Approach (DIA) and differentially expressed genes at 1 and 14 d post-partum compared with − 14 d pre-partum. The panels depict the impact (black line and dots) and the direction of the impact (bars; positive red bars denote activation while negative green bars inhibition) for the most impacted pathways in the KEGG subcategories

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