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Table 3 The DEGs and biological pathways regulated in treatment groups (Control vs. 39 °C, Control vs. 40 °C, Control vs. 41 °C)

From: Evaluation of heat stress effects on cellular and transcriptional adaptation of bovine granulosa cells

Pathway nameGene countP-valueGene name
Control vs. 39 °C
 Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum131.23E-07HSP90AB1, TRAF2, HSPH1, ATF4, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, RNF5, BAX, RNF185, EDEM2, EIF2AK4, HSPA8, BCAP31
 FoxO signaling pathway95.74E-05PLK1, CCND2, MDM2, CAT, FOXO3, G6PC3, CDK2, SOD2
 Pathways in cancer137.19E-04HSP90AB1, TRAF2, CASP3, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, BAX, GNB5, MDM2, BCL2L1, NFKB2, FGF12, CRK, CDK2
 PI3K-Akt signaling pathway127.77E-04HSP90AB1, ATF4, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, CCND2, GNB5, MDM2, FOXO3, BCL2L1, FGF12, G6PC3, CDK2
 Antigen processing and presentation69.96E-04HSP90AB1, HSP90AA1, NFYC, IFI30, HSPA4, HSPA8
 bta05215:Prostate cancer61.80E-03HSP90AB1, ATF4, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, MDM2, CDK2
 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)52.20E-03CASP3, BAX, CAT, BCL2L1, SOD1
 Apoptosis53.70E-03CASP6, TRAF2, CASP3, BAX, BCL2L1
 MAPK signaling pathway94.70E-03TRAF2, CASP3, ATF4, MAPK8IP1, NFKB2, FGF12, CRK, HSPA8, PPP5C
 p53 signaling pathway56.00E-03CASP3, CCND2, BAX, MDM2, CDK2
 Aldosterone synthesis and secretion58.70E-03ATF4, CYP11A1, STAR, SCARB1, ATF1
 Viral carcinogenesis80.010TRAF2, CASP3, ATF4, CCND2, BAX, MDM2, NFKB2, CDK2
 Ovarian steroidogenesis40.014CYP11A1, STAR, SCARB1, BMP6
 Estrogen signaling pathway50.018HSP90AB1, ATF4, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, HSPA8
 Legionellosis40.020CASP3, HSPD1, NFKB2, HSPA8
 Vitamin digestion and absorption30.021BTD, ABCC1, SCARB1
 Cell cycle50.039PLK1, CCND2, PCNA, MDM2, CDK2
 Epstein-Barr virus infection60.047TRAF2, MDM2, NFKB2, CDK2, EIF2AK4, HSPA8
Control vs. 40 °C
 Ribosome112.18E-04RPS26, MRPL23, MRPL21, MRPL15, RPLP0, RPL15, MRPL36, RPS11, MRPL33, UBA52, RPS24
 Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum123.51E-04HSP90AB1, TRAF2, HSPH1, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, EIF2AK1, RNF5, BAX, RNF185, EDEM2, HSPA8, BCAP31
 FoxO signaling pathway108.75E-04HRAS, PLK1, CCND2, PRKAB1, CAT, FOXO3, CCNG2, CDK2, SOD2
 p53 signaling pathway70.002CASP3, CCND2, BAX, TSC2, RPRM, CCNG2, CDK2
 Antigen processing and presentation70.002HSP90AB1, CTSL, HSP90AA1, NFYC, HSPA4, RFXANK, HSPA8
 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)60.003CASP3, BAX, TOMM40L, CAT, BCL2L1, SOD1
 Biosynthesis of antibiotics100.016SC5D, UAP1, IDH3G, PAFAH2, PGM1, RCE1, CAT, UAP1L1, PAICS, OAT
 Base excision repair40.024LIG3, PCNA, OGG1, APEX1
 Glutathione metabolism30.026GSS, GSR, GSTA3
 Apoptosis50.029CASP6, TRAF2, CASP3, BAX, BCL2L1
 PI3K-Akt signaling pathway120.035HSP90AB1, HRAS, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, CCND2, TSC2, GNG2, FOXO3, BCL2L1, FGF12, CDK2, GHR
 Ovarian steroidogenesis40.038CYP11A1, STAR, SCARB1, BMP6
Control vs 41 °C
 Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum141.40E-05HSP90AB1, TRAF2, HSP90AA1, RNF185, EDEM2, BCAP31, HSPH1, HSP90B1, EIF2AK1, DNAJB11, RNF5, BAX, EIF2AK2, HSPA8
 Viral carcinogenesis143.92E-04TRAF2, CASP3, HDAC1, CCND2, DDB1, BAX, CREBBP, RHOA, PIK3CA, NFKB2, EIF2AK2, SRF, CDK2, SCRIB
 Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids59.11E-04PECR, ACOT7, ELOVL5, HACD2, FADS2
 Pathways in cancer180.001HSP90AB1, DVL2, TRAF2, HSP90AA1, EPAS1, CREBBP, BCL2L1, KIT, NFKB2, CDK2, VEGFC, FOS, CASP3, HSP90B1, HDAC1, BAX, RHOA, PIK3CA
 FoxO signaling pathway90.003PLK1, CCND2, CREBBP, PIK3CA, CAT, FOXO3, CDK2, SOD2
 Huntington's disease90.003CASP3, HDAC1, BAX, CREBBP, NDUFV2, NDUFS3, SOD1, SOD2
 Peroxisome60.004PECR, PEX2, MPV17, CAT, SOD1, SOD2
 Apoptosis60.005CASP6, TRAF2, CASP3, BAX, PIK3CA, BCL2L1
 p53 signaling pathway60.010CASP3, CCND2, CD82, BAX, CDK2
 Fatty acid metabolism50.011PECR, ELOVL5, HACD2, FADS2, HADH
 Fatty acid elongation40.011ACOT7, ELOVL5, HACD2, HADH
 Cell cycle60.013HDAC1, PLK1, CCND2, CREBBP, PCNA, CDK2
 Ovarian steroidogenesis40.015CYP11A1, STAR, SCARB1, BMP6
 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)50.017CASP3, BAX, CAT, BCL2L1, SOD1
 TGF-beta signaling pathway60.018INHBB, INHBA, CREBBP, RHOA, TGIF2, BMP6
 MAPK signaling pathway110.021TRAF2, FOS, CASP3, MRAS, PTPRR, RRAS, MAPK8IP1, NFKB2, NFATC3, SRF, HSPA8
 Prostate cancer60.021HSP90AB1, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, CREBBP, PIK3CA, CDK2
 Epstein-Barr virus infection90.026TRAF2, EIF2AK1, HDAC1, CREBBP, PIK3CA, NFKB2, EIF2AK2, CDK2, HSPA8
 Colorectal cancer50.0339FOS, CASP3, BAX, RHOA, PIK3CA
 Estrogen signaling pathway60.0354HSP90AB1, FOS, HSP90B1, HSP90AA1, PIK3CA, HSPA8
 Glutathione metabolism30.0386GSR, GSTA3, G6PD