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Table 4 Relative abundance (%) of the most differentially abundant bacteria highlighted by LeFSe analysis (P ≤ 0.05 and LDA cutoff > 2.0) in feces during the preweaning period in least-efficient (L-eff, n = 13) or most-efficient (M-eff, n = 13) heifer calves

From: Residual feed intake divergence during the preweaning period is associated with unique hindgut microbiome and metabolome profiles in neonatal Holstein heifer calves

Bacteria L-eff M-eff
g_Olsenella 0.144b 0.217a
f_Coriobacteriaceae 0.008b 0.125a
g_Bacteroides 0.052b 0.075a
f_Bacteroidaceae 0.022b 0.069a
f_Eubacteriaceae 0.043b 0.310a
o_Clostridiales 0.004b 0.705a
g_Blautia 0.901b 1.347a
g_Dorea 0.005b 0.068a
g_GCA-900,066,575 0.016b 0.071a
g_Lachnospiraceae NK3A20 0.011b 0.048a
g_Oribacterium 0.024b 0.651a
g_Syntrophococcus 0.003b 0.014a
g_Ruminococcus 0.026b 0.033a
f_Lachnospiraceae 0.016b 0.021a
g_Butyricicoccus 0.010b 0.019a
g_Candidatus Soleaferrea 0.017a 0.000b
g_Faecalibacterium 0.154b 0.179a
g_Fournierella 0.011a 0.000b
g_Negativibacillus 0.043b 0.075a
g_Acidaminococcus 0.000b 0.069a
f_Acidaminococcaceae 0.012b 0.024a
g_Fusobacterium 0.167b 0.230a
f_Fusobacteriaceae 0.201b 0.443a
o_Fusobacteriales 0.518b 0.590a
g_Succinivibrio 0.012b 0.020a
o_Aeromonadales 0.005b 0.011a
g_Treponema 0.023a 0.017b
f_Spirochaetales 0.052a 0.063b
f_uncultured bacterium 0.000b 0.010a
f_uncultured bacterium 0.004b 0.027a
o_EMP-G18 0.001b 0.015a
  1. a,bDifferent letters indicate significant differences due to the main maternal effect (P < 0.05)
  2. o order, f family, g genus