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Table 1 Body measurements at birth in least-efficient (L-eff, n = 13) or most-efficient (M-eff, n = 13) heifer calves

From: Residual feed intake divergence during the preweaning period is associated with unique hindgut microbiome and metabolome profiles in neonatal Holstein heifer calves

Body measurementL-effM-effSEM1P-value
Body weight, kg43.6941.151.210.12
Body length, cm109.5109.71.660.92
Hip height, cm80.0880.581.000.71
Hip width, cm16.2815.630.420.29
Wither height, cm76.4177.240.970.52
  1. 1Standard error of the mean
  2. a,bDifferent letters indicate significant differences due to the main maternal effect (P < 0.05)