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Fig. 5

From: The proteome of IVF-induced aberrant embryo-maternal crosstalk by implantation stage in ewes

Fig. 5

The illustration of cellular and molecular processes of aberrant IVF embryo-maternal crosstalk in ewes. The upward red arrows represent processes that were enriched with upregulated DEPs. The downward blue arrows represent processes that were enriched with downregulated DEPs. In ruminants, IVF-matched endometrium (both C and IC areas) showed disruptions in energy metabolism, cell cycle, protein homeostasis, and cell redox homeostasis, all of which are essential to establish endometrial receptivity. The changed endometrial receptivity is functionally associated with a poor response to IVF conceptuses; in turn, the impaired IVF conceptuses will undergo metabolic and proliferative compensation

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