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Fig. 2

From: The proteome of IVF-induced aberrant embryo-maternal crosstalk by implantation stage in ewes

Fig. 2

Enhanced energy metabolism, over-proliferation, and depressed methyl metabolism in IVF conceptuses. a Classification of GO terms based on functional annotation of ‘biological process’, ‘cellular component’, and ‘molecular function’, using DEPs between IVO and IVF conceptuses. The left ordinate represents the number of DEPs enriched in each term [defined as log2 (No. of enriched genes)], and the right ordinate represents the enrichment score [defined as –log10(P-value)]. b Heat map of DEPs associated with mitochondrial metabolism and glycolysis in the IVO and IVF conceptuses. Normalized protein abundance is represented in red (relatively high) and green (relatively low). ATP levels were quantified in the IVO and IVF conceptuses and normalized by the total proteins concentration, “n” represents the biological replicates. c Normalized abundance of proteins involved in metabolism and cell cycle in IVO and IVF conceptuses. d Normalized abundance of proteins involved in methyl metabolism process. e The illustration of dysregulated methyl metabolism process in IVF conceptuses. The downward arrow represents the downregulated DEPs in IVF conceptuses

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