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Table 4 Missense sequence variants concordant with the sires’ QTL status of the chromosomes (BTA) 5 and 14

From: Fine mapping of genomic regions associated with female fertility in Nellore beef cattle based on sequence variants from segregating sires

BTAVariant IDPositionAlleleGeneAASIFT
5rs13777912570,597,511AMTERF2R/Ctol (0.16)
14rs111614672920,718,306AR/Wdel (0.00)
rs51879795121,079,097CPRKDCE/Gdel (0.01)
rs4171899821,100,385CPRKDCK/Rdel (0.01)
Novel21,620,454APPDPFLR/Qtol (0.09)
rs10980013323,161,253CRB1CC1T/Atol (1.00)
Novel23,612,293CRGS20L/Pdel (0.00)
rs46182367023,996,758ARP1G/Stol (0.47)
rs45003136223,997,203GRP1D/Gtol (0.11)
rs13772213423,998,860GRP1I/Rtol (0.07)
rs43981752723,998,899TRP1T/Itol (1.00)
rs10906539721,104,637CPRKDCS/Gtol (0.50)
  1. Position = variant position in base pair; Allele = the variant allele used to calculate the consequence; Gene = gene symbol; AA = reference and variant amino acids; Codons = the alternative codons with the variant base in upper case; SIFT = SIFT prediction score; tol = tolerated; del = deleterious.