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Table 2 QTL alleles of heterozygous sires (alpha < 0.10) for heifer pregnancy (HP) and number of antral follicles (NF)

From: Fine mapping of genomic regions associated with female fertility in Nellore beef cattle based on sequence variants from segregating sires

11 vs. 2NSNSNS49 vs. 45NS
21 vs. 3NSNSNS40 vs. 45NS
45 vs. 6NSNSNS40 vs. 44NS
57 vs. 8NSNSNS52 vs. 53NS
69 vs. 10NSNS36 vs. 37NSNS
7NS11 vs. 12NSNSNSNS
8NS13 vs. 14NS30 vs. 3250 vs. 51NS
9NS15 vs. 14NSNSNSNS
10NS16 vs. 17NSNSNSNS
11NS18 vs. 1922 vs. 2338 vs. 39NSNS
12NS20 vs. 2123 vs. 24NSNSNS
13NSNS25 vs. 26NSNSNS
14NSNS27 vs. 24NSNSNS
15NSNS28 vs. 29NS48 vs. 45NS
16NSNSNS30 vs. 31NSNS
17NSNSNS33 vs. 34NS60 vs. 61
18NSNSNS35 vs. 34NSNS
19NSNSNSNS40 vs. 41NS
20NSNSNSNS40 vs. 4262 vs. 63
21NSNSNSNS40 vs. 43NS
22NSNSNSNS46 vs. 4559 vs. 58
23NSNSNSNS47 vs. 45NS
24NSNSNSNS54 vs. 42NS
25NSNSNSNS55 vs. 41NS
26NSNSNSNS44 vs. 41NS
27NSNSNSNSNS56 vs. 57
28NSNSNSNSNS64 vs. 65
  1. BTA = chromosome number; NS = non-significant.