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Table 2 P values related to alpha diversity measures in fecal samples based on pregnancy statusa

From: The vaginal and fecal microbiomes are related to pregnancy status in beef heifers

 ComparisonP value
Shannon index1 Bred1 Open0.4945
2 Bred2 Open0.3519
1 Bred2 Bred0.4773
1 Open2 Open0.5249
Observed OTUs1 Bred1 Open0.6073
2 Bred2 Open0.8361
1 Bred2 Bred0.085
1 Open2 Open0.3084
  1. * Pair-wise comparisons between stage and pregnancy status were determined to be statistically significant at P < 0.05
  2. a Fecal samples were obtained from 32 beef heifers. Individuals that established a pregnancy (n = 16) and those that did not (n = 16) were sampled before breeding (stage 1) and during the first trimester (stage 2)