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Table 6 Effects of tributyrin on antioxidant indicators in the jejunum of weaned pigs

From: Effects of dietary tributyrin on intestinal mucosa development, mitochondrial function and AMPK-mTOR pathway in weaned pigs

SOD, U/mg protein58.2167.363.280.076
CAT, U/mg protein8.7210.170.790.221
MDA, nmol/g protein0.650.310.080.014
H2O2, mmol/g protein17.3812.481.270.021
  1. a SOD superoxide dismutase, CAT catalase; MDA malondialdehyde; H2O2 hydrogen peroxide
  2. Values are mean and pooled SEM, n = 6
  3. Differences were considered significant at P < 0.05