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Table 1 Ingredient and composition of diets on an as-fed basis

From: Effects of dietary tributyrin on intestinal mucosa development, mitochondrial function and AMPK-mTOR pathway in weaned pigs

Ingredients, g/kg
 Wheat middling80
 Soybean meal170
 Fish meal30
 Spray-dried plasma protein30
 Dried whey150
 Soybean oil15
 Dicalcium phosphate6
 Sodium chloride1
L-Lysine HCl5
 Vitamin-mineral premixa20.1
Analyzed composition, g/kg
 Digestible energyb, MJ/kg14.9
 Crude protein203.4
Total phosphorus6.2
  1. aProvided the following per kilogram of diet: vitamin A, 8750 IU; vitamin D3, 2500 IU; vitamin E, 25 IU; vitamin K3, 2.5 mg; vitamin B1, 2.5 mg; vitamin B2, 6.25 mg; vitamin B6, 2.5 mg; vitamin B12, 25 μg; D-Biotin, 100 μg; folic acid, 1.25 mg; nicotinamide, 25 mg; D-pantothenic acid, 12.5 mg; Zn, 80 mg; Fe, 80 mg; Cu, 20 mg; Mn, 40 mg; I, 0.15 mg; Se, 0.3 mg; Co, 0.3 mg
  2. bDigestible energy was calculated from data provide by Feed Database in China (2012)