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Table 2 KEGG orthology annotation of differential genes enriched in beef steers fed 15 g/d of live yeast product

From: Effects of live yeast on differential genetic and functional attributes of rumen microbiota in beef cattle

KO level 2KO level 3KO level function
Carbohydrate metabolismAmino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism
[PATH: ko00520]
UDP-N-acetyl-2-amino-2-deoxyglucuronate dehydrogenase;
Energy metabolismOxidative phosphorylation [PATH: ko00190]Ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase cytochrome b subunit;
Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 2.
Glycan biosynthesis and metabolismLiposaccharide biosynthesis
[PATH: ko00540]
3-deoxy-manno-octulosonate cytidylyltransferase
Metabolism of cofactors and vitaminsPantothenate and CoA biosynthesis
[PATH: ko00770]
Dephospho-CoA kinase;
Pantoate--beta-alanine ligase
Metabolism of other amino acidsGlutathione metabolism
[PATH: ko00480]
Aminopeptidase N
Metabolism of other amino acidsBeta-alanine metabolism
[PATH: ko00410]
Pantoate--beta-alanine ligase
Metabolism of terpenoids and polyketidesPolyketide sugar unit biosynthesis
[PATH: ko00523]
dTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose reductase
Folding, sorting and degradationProtein export
[PATH: ko03060]
Preprotein translocase subunit SecE
[PATH: ko03010]
Large subunit ribosomal protein L15; Large subunit ribosomal protein L10
Membrane transportBacterial secretion system
[PATH: ko03070]
Preprotein translocase subunit SecE