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Fig. 3

From: Effects of long-chain fatty acid supplementation on the growth performance of grower and finisher pigs: a meta-analysis

Fig. 3

Meta-analysis of differences in the growth performances of finisher pigs fed a high/low LCFA concentration. a ADG. b ADFI. c G:F ratio. CI = confidence interval; CLA = conjugated linoleic acid; CWG = choice white grease; WMD = weighted mean difference; Pheterogeneity = P value of heterogeneity (significance level Pheterogeneity < 0.05). The small solid diamond represents the point estimate for each individual trial, and the horizontal line extending from each solid diamond represents the upper and lower limits of the 95% CI. The size of the shaded square indicates the relative weight of the trial in the meta-analysis. Small solid diamonds located on the positive quadrant of the X-axis favour an increase in the growth parameters (ADG, ADFI and G:F ratio), whereas those on the negative quadrant favour a decrease. The open diamond represents the WMD and 95% CI of the trials

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