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Fig. 4

From: Manipulation of spermatogonial stem cells in livestock species

Fig. 4

Schematic representation of the ultrasonographic-guided SSC transplantation technique. a. SSC transplantation in mouse. In this specie, there is a single efferent duct emerging from the rete testis, which is easy to cannulate to inject SSC. b. The ultrasonographic-guided cannulation of the centrally located rete testis in non-rodent animals. In livestock species, several efferent ducts emerge from the testis. That is why the transplantation of SSC is preferably done by cannulation of SSC into the rete testis with ultrasonographic guidance. c. The ultrasonographic guidance; rete testis is shown by the white arrow. Catheter, injected into the rete testis, is shown by the red arrow. Adapted from [52], modified. The ultrasonographic guidance picture is reproduced with a permission from the personal archive of professor Jonathan Hill, PhD

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